Utility Inspections

UAVI can inspect power lines, pipelines, wind turbines, solar panels, and more by combining thermal and high-resolution cameras to provide a more complete picture of equipment conditions and provide data to make informed decisions. The thermal scan of equipment can be helpful to determine the potential breakage points (heat stress) and condition of the equipment.

Why choose us?

  • UAVI can help identify, inspect, and evaluate trees and brush along utility lines and other vegetation.
  • Determine integrity of a company’s assets for safety and reliability of electrical systems by performing a comprehensive visual inspection.
  • UAV Inspections can use a thermal camera to detect heat anomalies. UAVs can identify areas of interest and abnormalities so that they can be either monitored and/or remediated over time.

Benefits of using UAVs

  • Deploy UAVs within minutes to assess the conditions before and after major storm events.
  • Identify potential breaks, corrosions, heat stress within hours (less equipment mobilization) or in real-time.
  • High voltage makes inspection dangerous and costly. UAVs reduces the risk and cost. Based on findings, management can allocate resources where they are needed.
  • Thermal scans can help identify units requiring maintenance or replacement.
  • Allocate resources where they are needed to remediate any maintenance issues.