From mining to construction, topographical surveying is essential to getting the job right. UAVI is changing the way surveys are done. Drones are helpful to surveyors and GIS professionals.

Why Choose Us

  • UAVI can help provide topographical surveys efficiently with accurate data for your land development needs.
  • Using LIDAR, UAVI can help companies do forest inventories quickly and accurately.
  • UAVI can inspect a mine after a planned detonation to make sure the mine structure is stable before sending in any humans.

Benefits of using UAVs

  • Traditional surveys can take days to weeks, but with UAVs they can gather the data within hours.
  • It is cheaper than having people going out to survey sites, which helps reduce the cost of data acquisition.
  • Able to survey sites in remote locations, which can be hard for people to access and can help avoid safety issues.
  • Data is more accurate and collect sufficient data points to generate digital models and 3D landscape maps.