UAVI provides the ability to track, map, survey, inspect, and manage worksites more efficiently and safely.

Why choose us?

  • UAVI can help prevent accidents, capture overhead images showing erection sequences, crane locations, or perimeter security to identify where hazards may pop up.
  • UAVI can improve progress tracking and help catch problems early  before they become costly or add weeks to a project’s timeline.
  • UAV Inspections can use a thermal camera to detect heat anomalies. UAVs can identify areas of interest and abnormalities so that they can be either monitored or remediated over time.

Benefits of using UAVs

  • Deploy UAVs within minutes to assess the conditions before and after major storm events.
  • Identify problems like water leaks or concrete cracks more quickly.
  • Have the ability to get a birds eye view of any progress.
  • Thermal scans can help identify units requiring maintenance or replacement.
  • Allocate resources where they are needed to remediate any maintenance issues.